Friday, October 8, 2010

Hello! Hopefully someone is reading this otherwise I'm talking to myself (scary thought). So this is the official first post and it's about lace. I absolutely love lace. Dresses, skirts or tops. You can wear it with long sleeves, short sleeves, off the shoulder or have no sleeves at all. It comes in all different colours, white, black and pink being the most popular. It looks great in summer and will make you look ready for the sun. Whenever I see something lace I think "omg I have to have that" then I realise I've spent all my money on magazines, going to the movies and food and I start to think "omg i cant afford that". Not that it's expensive or anything. Here in New Zealand you can buy a perfectly good lace item from 'Tempt' or 'Glassons' for around $40. Which I believe as most of you would agree is pretty reasonable. My perfect party outfit would consist of a long sleeve white lace dress with the sleeves pleated at the top, a lovely black beaded necklace and suede black ankle boots ah bliss. Now that i have said all that you're ready to take on the world of lace and remember to wear it with your own unique style, because no one wears you better than well of course you.